The Best Live Music Shows Of 2010

The Best Live Music Shows Of 2010

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MELVINS celebrate their 25th anniversary by playing Houdini in its entirety therefore that Melvins in 1983! Green River also performs! Tickets are available for sale Saturday, but you can buy tickets throughout the presale, could be happening these days. Just click here enter the password "showbox"!

Indie electro-popsters METRIC at Showbox showbox apk at the Market on June independence day. Tickets go on sale Saturday, but you can get tickets before they proceed sale simply by entering the password "verizon", Friday only from 10am to 5pm.

We love the funk! GEORGE CLINTON AND PARLIAMENT/FUNKADELIC play Showbox SoDo on September next. Tickets are on sale Saturday, however, you can get yours starting Thursday at 10am; password is "showbox".